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Intelici’s next-generation cyber-threat detection technology is based on the use of artificial intelligence to analyze the propagation patterns of malicious network traffic at the ISP level, with no need to access, analyze or filter the traffic’s content. Intelici’s solution is unlike any other system on the market and offers unparalleled advantages to ISPs and enterprise alike, including:

  • Prevents attacks weeks or months before they occur, by identifying malicious objects that are laying the groundwork for an attack
  • Identifies never-seen-before cyber-attacks within hours instead of weeks or months
  • Identifies and prevents cyber-attacks contained in encrypted network traffic
  • Rapid preemptive protection of enterprise networks operating in particular industries
  • Prevent bad actors from testing or simulating new malware against defenses to tweak it to avoid detection
  • No need to constantly “play catch up” with hackers via new field by the Intelici system.