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Checkpoint Intelisys & IPS


Intelisys & IPS Services

The Check Point Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) Software Blade combines industry-leading IPS protection with breakthrough performance at a lower cost than traditional, stand-alone IPS software solutions. The IPS Software Blade delivers complete and proactive intrusion prevention – all with the deployment and management advantages of a unified and extensible next-generation firewall solution.

In the constant fight against malware, threat intelligence and rapid response capabilities are vital. Check Point helps keep the business up and running with comprehensive intelligence to proactively stop threats, manage security services to monitor network and incident response to quickly respond to and resolve attacks.


Verint TPS


Launch Verint TPS Service

Verint, a global leader in Actionable Intelligence® solutions, is transforming the way organizations combat advanced cyber threats. Verint Threat Protection System is the first unified, intelligence-driven platform that detects breaches across the attack chain and automates the complex work of incident investigation. Much like a human analyst, Verint Threat Protection System collects leads, reviews evidence, and uncovers attacks. Through the power of automation, it analyzes thousands of leads per day, providing analysts with clear, visual, incident storylines that slash dwell time and make security operations vastly more efficient.

Hybrid Security

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Launch Telepath Service

Hybrid Security‘s mission is to provide one solution to mitigate a wide range of threats undetectable by conventional web security systems such as Intrusion Prevention Systems and Web Application Firewalls.

Telepath uniquely identifies the end users using a mixture of identification points including: cookies, web browser fingerprint, user-names and more. Session history consists of the various web surfing “stories” per user, and is retained in the system allowing real-time and retrospective investigation.

Trustwave Secure Web Gateway & WAF

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Cybercriminals treat the web as their preferred launching pad for data-stealing malware. Users can become infected through malicious links contained in emails or on social networks, through exploits masquerading as software updates or through simply navigating to a website that automatically installs malware.

With Trustwave’s award-winning and industry-leading Secure Web Gateway, organizations can detect malware on the fly without relying on signatures, gain zero-day protection against advanced threats and enable the safe and secure use of applications such as Facebook, Twitter and Gmail — all while minimizing confidential data loss and ensuring productivity and compliance.

With Trustwave’s award-winning Web Application Firewall, you can continuously monitor your applications, instantly detect and prevent threats, mitigate the risk of data breaches, and address compliance requirements, including the PCI DSS (section 6.6).