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Route monitoring has been our primary service for many years. BGPmon has evolved over time and is recognized for its accuracy, speed and feature richness. BGPMon route monitoring service alerts users in cases of anomalies with any of your prefixes, policy violations, instability, ROA validation failures and more.  It also provides reporting features such as the daily routing report customized for your networks.

Farsight PassiveDNS

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Domain Name System (DNS) is used for every transaction on the Internet, good or bad. Farsight Security, Inc. provides a comprehensive set of solutions that provide real-time and historical information about the everchanging Global DNS. By enriching your existing Threat Intelligence with our data, you can more quickly detect, respond and prevent the next cyberattack and protect your business.


Farsight DNSDB is the largest, most proven real-time and historical collection of Passive DNS data available in the market today. DNSDB can provide information about threat actors and their motives by answering such questions as: What domain names map to “this” IP address, now and in the past? When was “this” name first used and by whom? What domain names share this same MX record? Learn more about our latest integration with Splunk and how DNSDB works.